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Sway & Play - Our Mommy & Me Yoga Class

October 27, 2015

Sway & Play - Our Mommy & Me Yoga Class



Taneen Delaney, founder of Fitly Fitness designed a Sway & Play class especially for Bay & Bee members. We asked her to tell us a little bit more about this popular class:


Is Sway & Play mostly for moms/dads or kids?

The classes are designed to help the caregiver (mom, dad, grandma, baby sitter) stretch, relax, breathe, and move, all while bonding with your little one. You will soon find yourself laughing, singing, and dancing along with the kids to the award winning music of Kira Willey - Kindie Artist and Musical Yogini. Her music makes big and small participants smile from the inside out.


What age group is this class best for?

Sway & Play classes are adaptable to any age group. Kids of all ages, from newborn on up are engaged and drawn in by the colorful dancing scarfs used throughout each class. Mommies and Daddies get a chance to get their stretches in too and end each class with cuddle time and guided imagery.


Why toddlers love to come every week?

Each class has its own adventure - from mimicking animals & nature poses to surfing the waves. The classes are laid back and fun. Kids are great at following along and at times take the lead in choosing their own adventure by sharing their favorite animals and places in nature.


What about little babies?

Mommies incorporate their little ones into the poses, hold them and practice their breathe.


How’s that 40 minute class working with kids’ attention span?

The environment is set up to welcome kids at all levels of readiness socially and physically. Sway & Play has an open door policy throughout the length of the class, allowing families to come in and out as they please. No matter what time you are joining the class or how many times for that matter, you are always welcome!


Taneen takes great joy in working with children and families, helping them reach their physical and social development goals through fitness and yoga. It is all about bringing awareness, feeling comfortable, and having fun!

Now, Sway & Play is also available for non-members for a flat fee of $12!




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