All About Cassiope Woven Wraps

March 29, 2017

babywearing woven wrap

We are SO excited to chat Cassiope Woven. Cassiope Woven is a small, woman-owned woven wrap company. Cassiope Woven's mission is to source all materials and produce wraps entirely in the United States. Every woven wrap was thoughtfully designed, woven, and crafted. All wraps are made from cotton or cotton blends. This makes them incredibly soft from the start. 

Pros: All materials are sourced and produced in the USA yet fairly priced.  Cassiope Woven wraps will give you that soft, cozy, closeness that other carriers cannot match. This makes them ideal for newborn babies and beyond. While being soft, these wovens are strong enough to support a toddler. As you scan the selection you will see that Cassiope Wovens are uniquely designed. Starting with a hand sketch, each design is meticulously developed creating a true piece of art. Lastly, the different size options allow for a variety of carries. With just one wrap, a baby can be worn on the front, back, or hip. There are a multitude of carries for each placement. If you are new to wearing, Front Wrap Cross Carry is a simple yet functional place to start. 

*Price starts around $165

Cons: With any wrapping, if you are new, there will be a learning curve. We suggest seeking help from a local babywearing group before giving up (or in our store if you are local). If you are out and about, wrapping is definitely an option. That said, if you are looking to move quickly, a front wrap cross carry can take a experienced wrapper about 2.5 minutes to complete. Some people prefer to use wraps in their home vs when they are out and about though that is not true for all!

How To: Below, A shows us how to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry