All About the Sakura Bloom Ring Sling

March 28, 2017

babywearing ring sling

Continuing on with our Week of Baby Carriers, we have the Sakura Bloom Ring Sling! 

Basic Information: Sakura Bloom makes beautiful yet minimalist slings while adhering to self-set, high quality standards. Sakura Bloom supports local economies and maker artistry with all natural fiber slings. Available at Bay & Bee are the linen ring slings and silk ring slings. Sakura Bloom Ring Slings range in price from $98 to $180. The Elements collection is limited edition and hand dyed. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Rob Machado Foundation.

 Pros: Ring slings are perfect for newborns, small babies, and babies at the “roll over” and “crawl” stage who want to look around but still need the opportunity to snuggle close if overstimulated. Hip carries are great for toddlers who want to be carried and involved when you have things to do. Made from linen or silk, you will enjoy the super soft "cozy" feel with these ring slings. Linen is truly unique in that it is light weight while also being incredibly supportive. Its breathability makes it ideal for warmer climates. The silk slings are gorgeous and elegant. They will take a little extra care but they are still machine washable. Silk is supportive and works well in cold or warm climates. 

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Cons: There is a learning curve with ring slings. The good news- with a little practice, using a ring sling will become a breeze! Sometimes when a linen ring sling is brand new out of the box, it may be more crunchy or harder to pull through the rings but it will not take long before it is buttery soft. Weight is not evenly proportioned so wearing a ring sling for an extended amount of time may be less comfortable. 

How To: (model below is wearing the Spearmint Linen Ring Sling from the Chambray Collection)