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Avanchy Organic Bamboo Dishwear Product Review

January 24, 2017

bamboo kids plate

Young toddler boy with short hair smiling holding a bamboo spoon with a magenta silicone one one end. Toddler is sitting in his white high chair and has an Avanchy Bamboo plate in front of him full of healthy snacks.

This is a product we LOVE. In an effort to use less plastic products we stumbled upon the Avancy Organic Bamboo Dishwear at Bay & Bee. Not only are the products beautiful, but they are also sustainable, BPA free, Melamine Free, Lead Free and Phthalate Free. 

The dishwear is naturally mold and mildew resistant as it is 100% bamboo, NO fillers!

Though it is not dishwasher safe (and usually I shy away from anything that requires hand washing) these products were SUPER easy to clean. When babe was done, a simple rinse and gentle scrub with warm soapy water was all it needed. 

The best part? The bowls and plates come with a removable silicone suction ring to avoid tossed plates and dumped bowls. Removing these makes for stylish serving bowls for adults too! 

Check out the baby’s excitement to use his new set! Even big brother wanted to try and naturally, had his turn soon after. 

Sets run $19.99 for one bowl and spoon or the baby plate and spoon. The perfect gift set for any baby or toddler. Considering these products will last a lifetime with proper (and easy) care, they are a great investment! We will definitely be converting to more Avanchy dishwear in the future. 

Buy Avancy Organic Bamboo Dishwear here

Avanchy's round bamboo plate. There are three separate sections in this plate. One section contains sliced cheese, the second section contains raspberries, the last and largest section holds cucumber and carrot spears with hummus.