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Be Beach Ready with Toys from Bay & Bee!

March 03, 2017

beach toys

Beach fun with Bay & Bee Toys!


Our entire family had a BLAST playing with beach toys from Bay & Bee. As soon as we arrived, the boys jumped right in and pulled out all of the tools. The Small Shovel Moby is well suited for tiny hands. It wasn’t long before we decided to give the Quut Alto sand castle builder a try. I think this toy was my absolute favorite of the bunch. Using the Haba Shovel Moby and the Haba sand tools, we were able to load up the buckets and had a three story sand castle in under a minute.


HABA SMALL SHOVEL MOBY is the cutest and most simple shovel. With it’s deep scoop, my 18 month old was able to move [sand] mountains. His coordination is not as keen as brother’s but this time he felt like he could keep up. I absolutely love how small this tool is. Honestly, for beach locals, you should even consider adding this to your diaper bag. At only $2.99 each it would be ideal for a last minute beach play date. Get your Haba Small Shovel Moby here! 


QUUT ALTO this toy is a MUST for the beach. This product was actually inspired by professional sand-builders and you will feel like one too with the ALTO. My boys always want me to build castles for them and my typical one bucket sand castle is crumbly at best. The energy and effort I put into them to have them crushed within seconds made this my least fun beach activity. Nonetheless, the things we do for our kids. ;) Now that I have met the QUUT ALTO, I am a changed Mama. In fact, I had to beg my husband for a turn because he was enjoying it so much. When we first pulled it out I was skeptical. It looked too simple to be true. Starting with the bottom (and largest piece) you fill the hole with sand. Leaving it in place, you are able to stack the middle, yellow piece and do the same. The smallest piece took about five seconds to fill. Then, you remove the pieces from top to bottom and you have a solid, three level sand structure. We probably built and tore down about 20 castles. It was a fun process for all involved and this was not at all too advanced even for the baby. Super easy clean up and storage as well! Get yours here for $21.99 



HABA SAND TOOLS (Kreatives Sandspielzeug) These are unlike any other beach tool I have seen before. Now that you have sand sculptures down with the QUUT ALTO, these sculpting tools allow you to design your most creative castle. A pointed tool allowed my oldest to walk the beach and create a 20 foot + “snake”. Zig zagging around for a child that is typically sedentary was impressive. He was incredibly proud of his work and I was thrilled to see him up and moving. This kit also includes a spiral “driller” and modeling/ scooping tool. For $5.99 you get three unique tools. If you have more than one child, like myself, you can appreciate a multiple tool pack.

HABA CROCODILE SAND MOLD Made from PVC-free, phthalate-free ABS plastic, this German made toy was super fun to play with. We quickly noticed that the three separate body pieces allowed us to make a “Croc Family”. By extending the body and filling up the molds we had three dimensional reptiles! The baby enjoyed pressing the molds into the sand for the cut outs. For only $5.99, this is another fabulous toy for fun in the sun. Get your crocodile sand mold here!

The imagination these toys brought out of my boys (and husband) for hours was well worth the cost. Aside from that, these toys are free of toxic or harmful chemicals. Always searching for environmentally friendly toys that also entertain, Bay & Bee nailed it again!