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All About the Tula Baby Carrier

March 26, 2017

Tula baby carrier

Interested in trying the Tula Baby Carrier but not sure what to think of it? Curious about how it works? Read on to learn about some basic how-tos, pros, and cons of this super popular, functional carrier!


Background Information: Tula Baby Carriers currently come in two sizes. Standard size ($149) fits babies 7 lbs- 45 lbs while the Toddler size ($169) fits babies 18 months to 4+ years old. Toddler size weight limits are 25 pounds to 60 lbs. Both come in a large variety of colors to suit any style.

Pros: This carrier is easy to use. In just a few quick steps you have a snug, safe, baby or toddler and hands-free! Tula Baby carriers are supportive even for larger babies and can be worn for an extended period of time as the carriers are ergonomic for both the baby and the wearer. These carriers have multiple carrying options. Younger babies and toddlers enjoy facing their wearer as it provides a comfortable hide away spot in overstimulating environments. Babies one year and older find that riding on the wearer's back provides a great view but also allows for a place to rest their head when tired. Petite to plus size adults can wear their babies in a Tula Baby Carrier. Adjusting straps allow these carriers to fit a wide range of body styles.  Buy one here! 

Cons: Even though this carrier CAN hold newborns (with an insert), it is not our favorite for newborns and small infants. Teeny babies fit better in carriers such as woven wraps, stretchy wraps, ring slings, and mei tais. You will find that Tula Baby carriers not as “cozy”. Supported? Yes. Comfortable? Yes! But super feel "cozy" feel? Ehhh Due to the buckles and straps, you will have more of that snuggly, cozy, feeling in a wrap, mei tai or ring sling. 

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