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We LOVE the Zoli Bunny Teether!

February 15, 2017

Zoli Bunny Teether

Perfect for tiny hands, this magical teether is available in two color options. The textured nubs allow for safe teething relief. While this product is suitable for 6 months plus, older babies and toddlers will especially love it. Our little guy has been working on some teeth in the back (the exact ones I can’t tell you as we are not brave enough to find out) and this is our go-to.

Hopping into the car, I am sure to make sure the Zoli Bunny Teether is in my bag. It is small enough that it fits anywhere, is easy to clean (dishwasher- yay), and keeps the baby’s mouth occupied so I do not have to worry about him chewing on whatever he finds while we are out and about.

The BPA and Phthalate free handle is relieving for those who (like us) are weary of plastic. The nubs are covered with textured silicone and incredibly attractive to biting babes. We are totally impressed with this product. Who knew smiling while teething was possible?! 

Bay & Bee carries them for only $10, buy yours here!