Our Program

Bay & Bee is founded on the Montessori and Waldorf educational principles of child-led play.  Child-Led play refers to the type of play where the child is in control over which activities he or she would like to engage with. 

The Environment is designed to meet the needs, interests, abilities and development of the children birth to 5 years old.

Self-Directed Activity: One of Montessori’s key concepts is the idea that children are driven by their desire to become independent and competent beings in the world to learn new things and master new skills.

Hands On Learning: Each item and activity station are carefully selected to to inspire and engage learning.

Freedom Within Limits:  Within the confines for 4000sqft in a clean and safe environment, children are free to explore at their pace, using and fine-tuning their abilities, increasing their awareness and self-confidence. 

Make New Friends: Bay & Bee is a fantastic place to meet new friends for children, parents and grandparents alike.

Our Values: Bay & Bee is an inclusive parenting community. Every parent/child relationship is different and your choices deserve respect. We support your journey.

How our play space program works

Monthly or Annual Memberships allow you to come play and learn any time during open hours: Monday- Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday – Sunday 9am-1pm, as often as you would like.  All activities: open play, classes & workshops are included. There are no additional charges for any activities within open hours. The play space is exclusively for monthly or annual members.

We have added drop in rate classes for non- members.  These classes and workshops take place in the Bay & Bee studio. They include Sway & Play (Mommy and Me yoga), Fitly Fitness, Art by Artworks, Behavioral Workshops, Wings Worms and Wonder,  Montessori Based Nature Classes and more!  See our Calendar Of Events to find out when drop in rate classes are available. The drop in rate for classes is $12. To learn about each class click here.

Shop & Party

The Store is available Monday- Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-1pm to anyone who would like to browse and shop. You can also purchase all our products online.

Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Family Gatherings, Large Playgroups! Come one, come all, and book your next party with us! Learn more about having our play space for your exclusive use here.