Get ready to play and meet some friends!

Bay & Bee is a membership based play space.

Choose between month - to - month or prepaid options.

How does this work?

Open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am - 1pm.

Join in for open play and/or any class. Everything we have on the calendar during open hours is included in membership.

You'll also have the ability to use both locations; Jacksonville & Bartram Springs.

Once you are a member there is no need to schedule your visits, you can come and go anytime.

You can join for 4 days a month all the way to unlimited use, or grab a 10 day pass!


Bay & Bee is an inclusive parenting community. Every parent/child relationship is different and your choices deserve respect. We support your journey. One of our favorite parts of Bay & Bee is the connections parents make with each other. The environment lends itself to being able to chat and meet, you might just find some great friends. Parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, we've got other parents and staff who understand that you may lack sleep and run on coffee. Bay & Bee also offers great workshops from feeding to toilet training. Check out our after play space hours classes for prenatal classes like prenatal yoga and birthing.


Infants; Newborns, crawlers and early walkers all love to observe and socialize. Our littlest members may not be doing much but they are taking in the world; sights, sounds and smells. Take a mom focused class or just come hang out. We love babies! We will even watch them while you go to the bathroom alone. Crawlers! the world is about to be your oyster! Our floor is made out of Cork and perfect for crawling! Explore the space and pull some stuff off the shelves, it's safe and we will clean it up. Early Walkers come stack some blocks, work on your fine motor, gross motor and communication skills! Recommended Instructor led activities for this age range are Infant Sensory, Mumda Moms Fitness Club, Music, Story Time, Mom to Mom Meet Up, Sway & Play, Bubbletime, Dads Play Date.


#playhardnaphard There is so much to do. Hidden in play, you'll learn so much! - Problem Solving, Communication, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Creativity and Empathy. As a Montessori base of mixing ages the demographic in the middle will get to be the role models for the younger members and learn from the older. When children are around mixed ages their problem solving, communication and empathy grows. In the play space, toddlers will love the creative play, giant blocks, train table, light table, abundance of open-ended toys and each other. Recommended classes for this age: Circle Time with Sign Language, Music, Art, Yoga, Story Time, Bubble Time, and Creative Dance.  


We blinked. And they grew up. For our pre-schoolers we love structured classes. Nature Exploration, Creative Dance, Yoga, Little Artists , Story Time, Music Exploration, Spanish Story Time (Geography - coming soon). With sharing a space with younger children, preschoolers will get a chance to be leaders, work on communication and empathy. The same toys they enjoyed as toddlers take on a new meaning through open-ended play as their imagination grows.